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Enjoy fishing with nature


The internationally renowned Lake Strobel, a.k.a. Jurassic Lake, is a 65 square kilometres crystal clear waters lake, with extraordinary biological characteristics and conditions that allow amazing growth of trout, famous worldwide as probably the best wild rainbow trout fishery in the world.

Estancia Laguna Verde, located on the south coast of this incredible place, offers fishermen the chance to experience wild Patagonia at its best, surrounded by beautiful untouched landscapes and unparalleled flora and fauna, and the opportunity to battle against huge and strong fish, enjoying also the comfort of its exclusive lodge, one and only in all Strobel area.

Come to experience incredible fishing adventure, enjoying also all the excellent services offered by our professional staff and Lodge, unique in all the area, at Estancia Laguna Verde, Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina.

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Sight fishing at "El Puesto", Jurassic Lake, Estancia Laguna Verde.



Jon Shakour

Arizona | USA

Time and tide wait for no man. Jurassic lake is a step back in time where fishing is as it should be ... fantastic!

Guy Schoenborn

Colorado | USA

Fishing was fantastic. The facilities and food were great. Excellent guides, I captured the top four rainbow of my life, including a monster 23 pounds

Gustavo Jensen

La Pampa | Argentina

Who we feel and behave as authentic flyfishermen, we can only feel in eternal paradise of which mortals can only dream of, just to contemplate and enjoy the quality and quantity of our beloved rainbow trout at Lake Strobel-Barrancoso River system, that succesfully manages Estancia Laguna Verde ...

Enrique D¨Alessandro

La Rioja | Argentina

If I had to summarize in two lines how is the fishing at Estancia Laguna Verde, I would have to say that being able to catch the quality and size of this rainbow trout with dry flies, both at Jurassic Lake and Jurassic River, personally, it is something I have never seen or heard of in more than ...

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